Web 2.0 app : Data is the next ‘Intel Inside’

Intel Inside is a slogan comes from Intel company since 1992.
The slogan gives user Intel is computer of experience.
Today the slogan has become a famous slogan in Intel company.
“The Web 2.0 concept is all the rage and Tim O’Rielly has a good high-level
article on it: What Is Web 2.0 — Design Patterns and Business Models for
the Next Generation of Software" (What Is Web 2.0,Tim O’reilly 2005).

“Data is next Intel Inside”becomes a standard on web 2.0 in contemporary internet.
Every single internet service has a huge database to support such as google search engine and Amazon’s database of catalog. However, if a website want to earn rich reputation and keep providing good services. The website must build effective data. Therefore, visible and invisible data can effectively assist a website become more competitive on the internet

Even website’s data is not strong but if the website
can effectively utilize existed resources and upgrade data regularly
These data is sill can become data is inside.

Under lists are good examples of data is inside of evolution

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Flickr
• Picasa
• Youtube
• MySpace

This website are still working to provide new services and keep adding
innovative services for internet users as well. These websites and services have potential data that can really bring many benefits for company to become more competitive around the world.


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7 Responses to Web 2.0 app : Data is the next ‘Intel Inside’

  1. Amanda Belton 說道:

    That’s a reall good point you make, it’s no tjust the visible and but also the invisible data that is the value on these platforms. Sometimes it’s not until later in the life of an application that it becomes evident that the data that has been invisible becomes visible once it’s shown to be valuable. I certainly never expected my location would become such valuable data when I first started using facebook!

  2. leizhangqut 說道:

    own the data means own the market.

  3. Joseph M.D. 說道:

    a premise of innovation is your outcome must be accepted by market, but when everyone follows the same web 2.0 principles to satisfy market demand. how to differentiate your product to others?

  4. Chung-Lin Wu 說道:

    Using data and making it valuable is becoming more important part of websites. Great post 🙂

  5. I like the artcile, good reasoning, but maybe some very generic examples, although very appropriate ! The point you make about this phenomenon becomming a standart for the web is something I can only agree with.



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