Web 2.0 Innovation is assembly

Web 2.0 Innovation is assembly

These examples provide an insight into another key web 2.0 principle, which we call “innovation in assembly." When commodity components are abundant, you can create value simply by assembling them in novel or effective ways. Much as the PC revolution provided many opportunities for innovation in assembly of commodity hardware, with companies like Dell making a science out of such assembly, thereby defeating companies whose business model required innovation in product development. According to O’reiliy. (2011, March 27) we believe that Web 2.0 will provide opportunities for companies to beat the competition by getting better at harnessing and integrating services provided by others.

Network effects created by an architecture of participation

web 2.o via API of concept that can let users writing or saying in anytime and anywhere. Another perfect model of API is Google Custom Search. In addition,users can decide for themselves which of the different APIs they want to follow, such as Photobucket , Facebook and so on. These websites and services based on HTML5 tech and an interaction interface that create more opportunities for users to participate in web 2.0 environment.

Briefly, Innovation is assembly of web2.0 has 5 key features

Search: allow users to search for other users or content
Links: group similar users or content together
Authoring: include blogs and wikis
Tags: allow users to tag content
Extensions: recommendations of users or content based on profile
Signals: allow people to subscribe to users or content with RSS feeds



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8 Responses to Web 2.0 Innovation is assembly

  1. leizhangqut 說道:

    innovation is a kind of evolution.

  2. ilkokimo 說道:

    Users have more interaction in Web 2.0

    • chunweiinn347 說道:

      Many people use the term “Web 2.0″ to describe:

      a resurgence in the web economy
      a new level of technological interactivity between web sites and services
      or social phenomena deriving from new types of online communities and social networks

  3. zoe 說道:

    Does wiki belong innovation in assembly by offering interactive platform for users?

  4. Maggie 說道:

    Accroding to Google’s concept is empowering the consumer…and the consumerization of IT.
    web 2.0 of data innovation in assembly will become a main trend in the futrue.



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