Rich user experiences (RUEs) @ Web 2.0

Rich user experiences (RUEs) @ Web 2.0

AJAX: A rich user experience. Basically, Rich user experiences (RUEs) refers to AJAX tech and cloud computing tech but behind the biggest pusher are Microsoft and Adobe.

Briefly, Web 2.0 can succeed the reason is RIA(Rich Internet Applications)such as Ajax、Flex、OpenLaszlo or Java. However, “AJAX is not a new technology but a combination of several existing technologies in a new way" (Sagar G, Arlekar, 2006)

Rich Internet Applications of influences

RIA creates web programming for users that means many users do not have to own high level platforms or high end computers. Therefore, some believe desktop will not exist in the near future. In addition, The current crop of RIA technologies are really evolutionary steps because Ajax is a fast development of tech. Web applications  traditional Web and desktop applications—with no browser plug-ins or proprietary browser features required.Two of the technologies responsible for creating these rich internet applications are Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, known collectively as Ajax.

To conclude, Rues and RIA are the most important catalyst on web 2.0 development.   Web 2.0 relies on visual control. Thus, Ajax enables users benefit from next-generation applications that have the feel of desktop applications and provide new capabilities. And IT preserves existing benefits from Web-based application deployment and continuity. Rich user experiences while preserving existing back-end infrastructure


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14 Responses to Rich user experiences (RUEs) @ Web 2.0

  1. ilkokimo 說道:

    AJAX can make screen divided into several small parts ,and only need to change the part passing the new data.

    • chunweiinn347 說道:

      Many people use the term “Web 2.0″ to describe:

      a resurgence in the web economy
      a new level of technological interactivity between web sites and services
      or social phenomena deriving from new types of online communities and social networks

  2. Jasper 說道:

    Ajax provides much more fantastic effective in website than in traditional one, but should the website all use Ajax? That probably will slow down the speed in opening website? Btw, have you think about the RIA, I mean Rich Internet Application, could replace Ajax?

  3. Joey 說道:

    The new development of web application user experiences is based on the web which has interactive service…it seems that “ajax" can make this interaction more immediate… in case the users will lose their patience….but I still have my doubt as to the “security issue"…

  4. leizhangqut 說道:

    every newest technology will be eliminate years later. so users will lose their patience is inevitable.

  5. 電台男 (@les69) 說道:

    Hey there,
    AJAX surely provide a friendly technology for the user.
    Could you give us some example?

  6. Low Hong Chuan 說道:

    Rich Application techniques (such as Ajax) aleady use in many web 2.0 services
    FaceBook、Flickr、、Wiki and so on. Howerve, I cannot leave thease services

  7. julia 說道:

    Web 2.0、Library 2.0 are popular and XML Web service APIs
    can mark internet more interaction that is a big business


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