Software Above the Level of a Single Device

A personal computer (PC) is a web client

Software Above the Level of a Single Device is a new solution for PC is no longer the only access device for internet applications.Web 2.0 applications are not limited to the PC platform only It is refer to all digital devices in the world. such as Mobile devices, robots
However, the PC form factor will push forward; the Pocket PC, the Tablet PC,
and other forms will emerge (David Stutz 2003)

Microsoft’s leading (Dave Stutz)indicates:
「Software Above the Level of a Single Device,in the future has more income and revenue。」Basically, any internet apps can be seen Software Above the Level of a Single Device – So far iTunes store is an exellent example. The Platform covers client services and servers services. In addition, iTunes provides huge apps for many digital devices.“iTunes is the best exemplar of this principle. Accroding to Tim O’Reilly 2007 “As the iPod/iTunes combination has morphed into the iPhone/iTunes combination, we can begin to see the real power of this approach This application seamlessly reaches from the handheld device to a massive web back-end, with the PC acting as a local cache and control station. Jon (2007)

Mobile web 2.0 is developing

Mobile web 2.0 applies Software above the level of a single device
that can really change people daily lives and integrate more convenient services.
MALL uses handy devices and they should be available “anywhere, anytime (Geddes, 2004) Mobile2.0 means next generation of internet services through social networking of wikipedia. These services are focus on corporation and sharing. In briefly, web2.0@mobile is to use mobile internet and apps to access browsing.

Mobile web 2.0 has several benefits

1. mobile access in everywhere
2. easy control and use
3. wide users no limited single platform

In summary, Software above the level of a single device can bring defferent innovation of the internet and pc, mobile devices. The most important point is huge income and ads for companies because target audiences are not only PC users.


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17 Responses to Software Above the Level of a Single Device

  1. Vic 說道:

    installing the mobile web server software on your phone,
    allows you to use the software on any number of devices…
    your phone; a desktop client with web browser; a games console

  2. Dav 說道:

    The best example of this type of high level service is Xbox Live.The model is Microsoft is calling a Software + Services model of computing.

  3. Jasper Hsieh 說道:

    An interesting concept Web 2.0 @ Software Above the Level of a Single Device
    I think in the near future people mobile devices to browsing websites will become a main trend.

  4. 電台男 (@les69) 說道:

    Microsoft invests huge money in mobile devices and games platform that
    is a competitive marketing so does Microsoft sure make money?

  5. Joey 說道:

    Mobile devices will instead personal computer in the future? coz Software Above the Level of a Single Device and personal digital devices can do daily tasks.

  6. YoTing Lin 說道:

    Even mobile devices are becoming an extensive media for users but for manufactures the
    biggest challenge is how consider which platforms are good?

  7. daniel 說道:

    In the past software manufactures just to considered personal market
    but in nowdays mobile devices are a really media to sell softwere

  8. Lu,H 說道:

    a key function of Web 2.0, is the Mobile Universe enabled
    by convergence between mobile devices and web services

  9. lilfatcat 說道:

    Yeah~ mobile version it is really a good development of “Software Above the Level of a Single Device". Until now, we can’t leave it now. I use mobile to access the internet and applications everyday.


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