Perpetual beta

Perpetual beta (PB) is a connecting device and programs connected to major internet applications.  It is used to integrate and provide a better rich user experience major developers, who focus on delivering better service and make up better service development based on delivering complex issues.

When considering Google docs application for perpetual data monitoring, this would address better working model. There has been major changes within the application of Google docs, Gmail etc and made up pioneers in developing better success. There has been major criticism which has been considered, which made 45% of projects to start up perpetual beta pool. There has been huge support for better PB addiction and would agree for making things working on better prospects.

According to 2005, O’Reilly has supported Google and its PB addiction.  PB has been around for a number of years and seen great success, even though there is no guarantee of success in each release. Overall PB is a winning design model, proving itself over a number of years for a lot of big names (Google, Facebook and XBOX Live , Dropbox etc).

Dropbox can be defined as a clouding storage although a  is the pathway to the user’s experience. Also, the content the users are able to find a free storage by upload services on the service. Dropbox can in fact be likened to pc host way wherein not just web interface at the ends but also the network in between them are involved. Similarly, in drobox, the storage space between the browser and client app and destination content server acts as bridge between the user and his online experience.

Issues & debates of (PB):
•    Beware of excess: It is important that users are not confused or exhausted by excessive features.
•    Beware of release thrashing:  Too many release cycles would make the product counterproductive unless it is supported by efficient processes.
•    Uptime is not cheap or easy: Keeping a service up and running requires lot of cost and effort. Examples of the issues that can be faced in this area are the problems faced by Any failure in delivering high quality service would hurt the customer relations. Keeping in mind the criticality of each application both an air traffic control system and an in-house collaboration tool need to be available.
•    Privacy issue : High precision privacy and security guidelines need to be followed when user behavior is profiled or during instrumentation of applications.
•    First impressions: Trying to make a good first impression always clashes with the urge to release a product soon. So a lot of importance needs to be given towards prioritizing features – having a clear understanding of what is more important and also making sure that release product is efficient and reliable.

For example, Microsoft XBOX Live and SONY PSN Network all have been attacked by the internet hackers. Therefore, tthe examples for Privacy for (PB) and keep updating security services is so important. However, PB will not exists because the key is a way to acquire more ads for internet service manufacturers.

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2 Responses to Perpetual beta

  1. meretehole 說道:

    I have not heard anything about Dropbox being a perpetual beta. Interesting! Do you know how they do it? What kind of programming language they use and such?

    • chunweiinn347 說道:

      Sure! Dropbox plans to integrated more photo services to the website with app and in the near future users can easily update photos in to the free photo albums
      right now users already have Camera Uploads function!


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