Lightweight Models & Cost-Effective Scalability

Lightweight Models & Cost-Effective Scalability (LMCES)

As O’Reilly assumes the seven of web 2.0 corporation the core ability “changing the economics of online software development fundamentally, providing new players powerful new weapons against established players and even entire industries”. (Oreilly, 2007).

Online software development is changing dramatically, which means providing the brand new interface and fast upgraded strategy for customers and whole enterprise. The rise of enterprise 2.0 refers the theroy because Designer using an intuitive user interface thus enabling businesses faster time to market with their marketing concepts (Mags, 2012).

How to Scale Cost-Effectively for business and enterprices

There are five crucial term for LMCFS

* Reduce huge development teams requirement

* Quickly running parallel programming and computing within in few weeks

* Aims innovation, do not stand in traditional

* More sooner ROI with reduced cost and time investment

The first is OAP(Simple Object Access)Protocol,users between XML and HTT Pprotocol The 2ndis REST(REST,representational state transfer), in this stage users between retail sellers and SOAP stack usage. Accroding to Amazon REST report 95% users come from the light REST service。(Amazon, 2006).

The new method for revenue for LECES

•           Broaden customers:linker information to customers and ads manufacturers

•           Actively touch the internet users who search the products

•           Easy to control budget Only pay ads fees when the users click advertisement

The examples of LMCES is in the USA. is located in the USA online company and it offers numerous 3C electrical products for consumers, Newegg has utilized zero stock selling strategy and sometime allows consumers coupon to purchase products. adopted SBN (Shipped-By-Newegg) strategy with products manufacturers reduce cost of stock. in addition, also use free Shipping Enabler to attract comsumers. With if comsumers return merchandise authorization. Newegg usually declares and sells these refurbished item. Therfore, products manufacturers could reduce the cost of expenditure. Additionally, newegg also designs an interactive web page for customers personalized shopping as well as emphasizing in some specific states the shipping can deliver on time or emergency deliver. In addation, newegg alos provides an app for users utilize in mobile phone, newegg has linked hot selling products promotion integrated various website, this means when users click hot products the web pages searching results will be automatically redirect to newegg website and telling users the hot products detialed information

To conclude, LMCES has affected the web and enterprises whole organisation and it also introduces the cloud computing services for all internet users that is a really huge commercial opportunity hence LMCES reveals cloud computing is gaining in popularity and design interactive webpages for users. However, enterprises launch more lightweight and Cost-Effective website plus mobile app could reduce the operating risk of web application


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  1. andrijevic 說道:

    Great choice of example, very well done for such a technical topic which shows the patterns success on a corporation level.

  2. leizhangqut 說道:

    You article is a real example make us thinking about web 2.0 in business level. Beside the technology, web 2.0 could be used in business strategies as well.

  3. osarfo 說道:


    You use a great example; anyway, this direction of technology makes it possible to deliver its online services in a much faster and cheaper way.


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