Personal 2.0 Strategies – Enterprise 2.0

Personal 2.0 Strategies – Enterprise 2.0

There are 3 elements can quickly describe the Enterprise 2.0 in Web 2.0 ; Social networking, digital identity, and web tools. According to Tim O’ Reilly who emphasizes in next generation of the whole web must be a concept which is internet users sharing or to produce something. (O’Reilly, 2005). In addition, before discuss the Enterprise 2.0 the basic Personal 2.0 Strategies should be talked. In the past the web1.0 only emphasized the single user’s usage amount or experience of the internet such as E-mail, online shopping, downloading and browsing web pages. From the web 2.0 point of view in 1.0 environment it is lack of interaction and sharing of motivation. Therefore, web 1.0 does not have any value of strategies for business or enterprises.

Blogging is changing the world and the internet

The web 2.0 new generation of blogging is changing whole web environment. The below simple chart is an easy comparison list of personal strategy between 1.0 and 2.0

Consequently, from a new concept of web 2.0 it can describe on the network the blogging which involves the individuals contribute to the development and distribution of content, tools, and software applications over the web.

Web 2.0 contains five important techs there are Ajax(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)、RoR(Ruby on Rails)、RSS( Really Simple Syndication ) and( Application Programming Interface ). First, The Ajax technology provides users participate in a interaction of the web pages, secondly, RoR technology can quickly generate a We blog app or tools such as famous Twitter and Foursquare. Thirdly, RSS provides a convenient channel for blogging rapidly let blogger to effectively update the information. API brings numerous value of brand for the web tools such mapping integrated application. Hence, under these crucial tools the web 2.0 can give personal users have more business strategies even for enterprises. For example, personal blogger could utilize private blogging or a web page sharing commercial advertisement or creating an instant e-business models platform to blogging.

Searching engine and Mobile marketing

In web 2.0 of blogging mode how quickly expose blogging data or information to effectively help blogs grow up the searching with linking technology plays a crucial role. However, personal or enterprises want to succeed utilizing blogging marketing. It must develop a e-brand with customers “It can help build long-lasting relationships with customers that foster trust”(Beres, 2007). Normally, it is because blogging mode on the web2.0 creates fast and free platforms for personal strategies. Therefore, to apply personal 2.0 Strategies of blogging and social networking of concept it is can assist enterprises to build up new commercial modes. For instance, through develop mobile marketing techniques to develop personal, targeted and traceable marketing campaigns integrated to blogging. With developing mobile apps then integrated to blogging the methods will have lower cost and high profits for enterprises. It also could rapidly cluster customer’s attention to brands or products because mobile devices have advantages are mobility, fast and range of huge users. Consequently, effectively integrate mobile marketing into the marketing mixes to improve brand awareness, build customer loyalty and generate sales.

Social Media & Community Marketing

The social media integrated community mode on the web2.0 has already developed new interface for personal and enterprise strategies. “As always, the evolution of technology transforms the way we live our lives, and in turn it has had an impact on how we communicate “(McCulloch, 2010). As a famous Facebook or Google+ which have become many corporations to invest more resources or budget into the social networking and community. “Technologies report that their company has already invested at least in one of the various Web 2.0 technologies.”(Bughin, 2008). In this new type channel brings internet users more high interaction with discussion spaces. And social networking can be a formal platform for commercial use of business.

In conclusion, web 2.0 is a configuration of high interaction for internet users it allows users to participate in the content of the web pages, tools and applications of usage with development and management. More precisely, for more new value of users web2.0 from Personal 2.0 strategies will being changed more advanced version which is Enterprise 2.0


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8 Responses to Personal 2.0 Strategies – Enterprise 2.0

  1. pertonas 說道:

    I cannot leave the social networking in my daily life
    that makes me feel the web is so convenient and high interaction!

  2. Maggie 說道:

    I am also agree blog mode can gradually replace traditional ads model

  3. Chia-Hung Hung 說道:

    For Personal 2.0 Strategies apply the blogging is a way to quickly improve
    popularity and reduce business risks for traditional business mode

  4. Jasper 說道:

    Social media which involves many things especially, on the web a new trend is many people like use the social media to share media files or utilizing social media to absorb new knowledge

    • chunweiin346 說道:

      As, I have mentioned before social media or social networking will become
      a new way that make people to communicate each other in anytime and anywhere
      because the crucial role is mobile devices is gaining in popularity


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