Enterprise 2.0 new strategies – Enterprise 2.0

  • Web2.0 boosts enterprise reviving

Last week the web 2.0 of personal strategies has been introduced some ideas of personal strategy in here and this week we are going to discuss the impact of web 2.0 which is enterprise strategies on organizational strategies. As a result people and many companies have realized the web 2.0 concept has gradually change whole enterprise environment since 2004. There are some examples could describe this phenomenon. According to Tim O’Reilly who has introduces the web 2.0 to revolutionize web development and these applications which enhanced the performance of enterprises management.

For example, in the early stage there are some companies have used blogging to share commercial information for customers or exchanging the data between business such as WiKi and SNS (Social Networking Services). After that a significant theory of the web which was 「WHAT IS WEB 2.0」has been announced by Tim O’Reilly. The theory indicates user’s participation and combines personal intelligence. Therefore, a professor Andrew McAfee who has revealed「Enterprise 2.0」in Sloan Management Review in 2006.He claims web 2.0 of spirit would assist enterprises effectively develop and management.

Enterprise 2.0 principles

『 network 、 data 、 software 』are three basic components of enterprises 2.0. These principles help enterprise to concern backup, sharing and classify. However, apply this three rules can make an independent enterprise into a platform work in coordination. “SLATES" concept has been distributed in channel and platform (McAfee, 2006).

  • Enterprise 2.0 upgrade and solutions – example

“Apple Computer, Inc is a successful model of Enterprise 2.0 updating".

How apple upgrade enterprise 2.0? The answer is cloud computing environment. Actually, the cloud computing is not new technical idea. In 30 years ago IBM company has been presented this idea but IBM did not really execute the roadmap of cloud computing. For example, 10 years ago the Apple Corporation had crisis in products and a service which is almost confronts bankruptcy. After that a CEO of the time Steve Jobs who had brought iOs series devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad… etc. Yet, the most powerful point make these products gaining in popularity and be more popular the crucial role is cloud computing which is Apple Store integrated apps and services with app produce of average price is 0.99 dollar because these products has a background is virtual channel to help apps supplier easily sell online music, movies e-books and more mobile applications which makes Apple has very high profits. Therefore, when cloud computing matches SLATES the six components would effectively help a company or enterprises to change new mode.

  • Web 2.0 tools assist productivity become more fast

“The internet maturity and development over the last decade” (Moria, 2009). This describes in these ten years technical application development of web 2.0 in this period of time many entrance websites or ordinary enterprise have used some “Web 2.0” of the conceptive service content, however along with network new technology and innovation service emergence, these traditional entrance website entrepreneur must keep changing services or product types. Therefore, it is really often see web 2.0 tools are always have new selections but we only keep focusing or concern the three main types which are Blogging , online encyclopedia and RSS function. Web2.0 tools help end-users create their own creative work then upload to private blog or pages.

For example, Valve Software Company creates a virtual digital games distribution platform which is Steam and this platform provides blogging function and RSS channel for personal user in client and it is also allow user instantly make comments for products in each page hence the web2.0 tools make a virtual platform has high interaction with end-user. However, while users installing client software they do not need to check new information or news every second or every day because the RSS utility would be automatically update then deliver notification to tell users all new contents. As a result, if these entrance websites or traditional commercial enterprise could be effectively utilize blogging, interactive AJAX pages and providing RSS services for customers would reduce costs and fast accumulate reputation on the internet.


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12 Responses to Enterprise 2.0 new strategies – Enterprise 2.0

  1. Amanda Wang 說道:

    Good post!
    I agree enterprise 2.0 adoption requires blogging and RSS
    which is really convenient and effective control cost!

    • chunweiin346 說道:

      Blogging and RSS services are really important for enterprise evolution
      especially in web 2.0 stage, this is because the end users have interactive interfaces of web pages or services with enterprises on the internet

  2. Tony.c 說道:

    Cloud computing has integrated many new internet services
    anyway enterprise would have fast platform to distribute information or products

  3. 雲把拔 說道:

    Enterprise 2.0 has various solutions for business that is a way to help companies
    effectively reduce cost and easily manage projects

  4. Jack Wu 說道:

    The most important development for Enterprise 2.0 I think is social network
    and media, however, it could be any type on the internet

  5. zoe 說道:

    Enterprise 2.0 Conference that has mentioned
    the social business collaboration will be a new trend

  6. yyyfly (@yyyfly) 說道:

    Social tools, collaboration, and social CRM, are gradually changing web
    frameworks on the internet and I agree these tools can assist
    enterprises entry e-environment more fast.



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