Social Media Policy for business – Enterprise 2.0

According to 2011 Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report (MarketingSherpa, 2010). The survey reveals Social Media Policy is a controversial issue in enterprises. As a result there is 3,300 employees have been observed and 20% believe that Social Media Policy is unnecessary but near 80% participants of enterprise already start to setup Social Media Policy meanwhile, in some companies seems the Social Media Policy as a security contract.

Companies are using social media tools to establish value in terms of marketing and branding. However, there are some blurred boundaries of Social Media Policy when staffs work with.

#1 Business Secret issue.

For example, in a company if a employees break their own NDA(Non-disclosure agreement) in social media or social network then reveals important information on the internet. Therefore, disclosure of company confidential material is dangerous, such as blogs and online forums, as this can be an ideal way to demonstrate their expertise and promote the company to a wide audience. But this can give rise to the risk of confidential information being disclosed, either deliberately or inadvertently.

#2 Loss of, or damage to, reputation of business for company.

For instance, there are some comments in the press of instances where disgruntled employees have criticized their company in online forums or chatting rooms, raising the possibility of damage to the enterprise brand and reputation. Employers are in a much stronger position to take action against staff for such offenses if they can show they have a policy that states that such actions are unacceptable, and that the employee was fully aware of the existence of the policy. “Your employees are talking about you whether you like it or not.  We’ve all heard stories of employees posting inappropriate content on Facebook and Twitter then getting kicked to the curb.” (hirerabbit, 2012)

However, current organizations will recognize that risks do exist, and take steps to manage for social media policy. One of these steps is the introduction of a social media policy, which will control how social media sites and tools are used, and then give companies a level of protection in the event that such use is abused for their employees

The example of Social Media Policy – Intel Company

Intel Company with headquarters in Santa Clara California United States, designs and manufactures computing and communications components, such as microprocessors, chipsets, motherboards, and wireless and wired connectivity products, as well as platforms that incorporate these components (Intel annual report 2011.) As a huge international company hence, Intel has updated and builds related Social Media Policy for their employees.

According to Intel Social Media Guidelines there are two points

1. Disclosure

Honesty—or dishonesty—will be quickly noticed in the social media environment. Please represent Intel ethically and with integrity.

  • Be transparent: Use your real name, identify that you work for Intel, and be clear about your role.
  • Be truthful: If you have a vested interest in something you are discussing, be the first to point it out and be specific about what it is.
  • Be yourself: Stick to your area of expertise; write what you know. If you publish to a website outside Intel, please use a disclaimer something like this: “The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent Intel’s positions, strategies, or opinions.”

2. Protection

Make sure all that transparency doesn’t violate Intel’s confidentiality or legal guidelines for commercial speech—or your own privacy. Remember, if you’re online, you’re on the record—everything on the Internet is public and search able. And what you write is ultimately your responsibility.

To avoid the negative using social media for employees Intel has established a division to undertake the environment which is Data Center Group and combined the McAfee system to surveillance and for business Intel has Search PCN Database which can protect important only allow use in internal. For products selling Intel provides a non-disclosure agreement for retailers and marking division must control this rules seriously. Consequence, various organizations with any kind of formal structure have a policy in place for working for social media.



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14 Responses to Social Media Policy for business – Enterprise 2.0

  1. Rick, WANG 說道:

    In my opinion, sometimes staffs may unwittingly disclose their business secret issue. Even though they are not wilfully disclosing the issue, the company still have some damage. Thus, corporation should publish some policy and constraints management their employees.

  2. Elvis Chang 說道:

    I think social media policy is that where your comments or profile can identify you as a public servant,when in doubt, you should seek guidance from the department on how to comply with the following obligations.

  3. Lawrence 說道:

    You were making the same comments to the media or at a public forum.
    It is essential that you understand that comments you make via social media platforms are as public as on the internet

  4. Kimi 說道:

    Social media comprises relatively inexpensive and accessible tools that enable anyone. Social media is distinct from industrial media, such as newspapers, television, and film.

  5. Vernon Naidoo 說道:

    i like intel’s disclosure to its employees to be transparent, truthful and yourself and still has some kind of contigency plan if something is deemed inappropriate.

  6. atang28 說道:

    Hi, i like how intel’s social media policy particularly has a disclosure for its emplyees, Particularly about protection and the use of common sense. Intel is such a big and successful company and when you are working for them you must ensure that you take extra care to protect not only yourself and intel. This is where common sense should step in, know what is the right thing to do with social media can go along way to help you continue a successful time at a certain organization.

    • chunweiin346 說道:

      Of course, but there are many enterprise have used the policy as Intel established disclosure such as NVIDIA company, AMD Company…etc However, some time in particularly way their marketing division would use a commercial method to reveal the NDA in social medial.

  7. origamijoe 說道:

    I’m all for Intel’s approach to social media as it stays true to the entire point of social media interaction. I do feel however that with this policy they’re missing out on a form of cohesion between parties at the same company, that they all work together for a common goal. What are your thoughts on this and how does Intel represent itself as a company on social media?


    • chunweiin346 說道:

      The choice to participate in social media is yours Intel It’s rare that any corporate policy makes for a good read,
      but trust me when I tell you that Intel’s new Social Media Guidelines are Standard business models
      Thank you for comment


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