Utilize microblogging enhance strategy for business marketing

“Micro blogging is a broadcast medium in the form of blogging” (Wikipedia). The new style has influenced weblog which is blog the weblog idea comes from a person who is Jorn Barger. This means web logs including servers, user’s ip address and system information. Therefore, how normal blogging is different than micro-blog. “Micro-blogging is sometimes criticized for encouraging dull or meaningless posts, conveying the minutia of daily life. However, it is apparently Twitter, Facebook, and other microblogging these kind of services are also becoming a platform for marketing and public relations with micro blogging.

As this list shown that micro blogging has small and easier way to attract followers.

Example of micro blogging strategy – Dell Computer coupon codes

For business production and development micro blogging is a really good way to enhance business. For example, Dell Computer Company this origination has been successfully used micro blogging to promote their products. Dell utilizes micro blogging to tell consumers products discount message hence many people could receive coupon codes message and then through each individual users sharing the coupon information to absorb more consumers to follow this message which indirectly helps Dell received more purchase order. As a result, Dell which has already run successful campaigns on Twitter in has received “hundreds of thousands” of visits and responses from micro blogs.


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Our groups  Micro-blogging strategies for case study:

#1 Cross promote to social media sites (Andy)

#2 Internal & external communication with micro-blogging (Rick)

#3  Micro-blogging marketing with 5W1H (Denni)

#4 Reputation management and recovery in times of crisis (Danny)

#5 Utilize micro-blogging enhance strategy for business marketing of advertisement (My blog)

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10 Responses to Utilize microblogging enhance strategy for business marketing

  1. Jessica 說道:

    The great thing about microblogging is that it can be done from anywhere in the world. Simply send in a text message and your post is instantly live

  2. Archer Wang 說道:

    A blog article would be too lengthy. A 200-character post fits just perfectly. Essentially, what this allows is making one microblog post to then update 20 social-networking applications instantly!

  3. Chung-Lin Wu 說道:

    Generally micro blogging services allow its users to send and read other users’ updates through text-based posts anyway now this has been changed and it can be any sort of input like text, video, audio etc… Text messages are uploaded to a microblogging service

    • chunweiin346 說道:

      Exactly ,Microblogging is sharing frequent and brief information in web through specified platform. and updating your micro blogging sites can be visible to community members to all users depending upon the platform you use.

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