Wikipedia for organization management – enterprise 2.0

As many people know that WiKi is a platform with encyclopedia function on the web.

This site has influenced many organizations for many years. For example, a company creates a page to introduce their organization with company history which allows more users quickly understand the company background. Therefore, Wikipedia is not only encyclopedia because the site also including cross culture communication.

WiKi provides some features for organization management

There are

Events or news recording

External files sharing

Collaborative Editing

Integrated search engine

An example of Wiki for new idea announcement- Apple iOS 6 PASSBOOK

Wiki allows user or an organization to create a page to introduce the new ideas then to attract more followers to do collective editing

“Passbook is an application in iOS that allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, and other forms of mobile payment” (WiKi). Perhaps many people would not know what does passbook mean but when users start searching the technology. They firstly will use web search engine to key in this technology keyword then the information page will attract more users come to follow updating. Therefore, Wiki is a good way to improve a new business ideas or new technology that push people quickly to understand and increase one’s exposure.

Our group will use Wiki Strategies to improve the company – promos.

ProMOS Technologies Inc. is a semiconductor memory solution provider in Taiwan. The Company is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and sale of synchronous dynamic random access memories (SDRAMs), as well as the related import and export businesses. But, in now situation this company does not use Wiki to enhance their produce exposure. Hence our group will use wiki in next stage will start working standardized more principles for this to introduce their background and products with organization management.

The wiki solution for this organization is raise productivity

We will divide two parts for the organization to improve productivity

#List of all equipment configuration and working environment
#Organize the internal e-contacts for staff communicate
#Create social media system for internal communicate on the wiki and Web collaboration

Passbook (application) Wiki
“Getting started with Passbook on iOS 6″
ProMOS Technologies Website
Wiki : Web Collaboration Retrieved from form QUT database


Our group members strategies for Wiki (case study):

1. Collaboration and Enhancing Organizational Knowledge (Andy)

2. Generation, design and control new projects in the company (Danny)

3. Internal and external wiki communication in corporation (Rick)

4. Organization Integration Plan (Denni)

5. Raise productivity (My blog)


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7 Responses to Wikipedia for organization management – enterprise 2.0

  1. atang28 說道:

    Hey Owen, great post! Wikis has been a great influence for many years now, even with the emergence of other web 2.0 tools. It would allow announcements such as iOS 6 passbook to be passed on real quickly through a wiki!

    • chunweiin346 說道:

      Thank your comment Andy! As I have said that wiki
      The openness and transparency of wikis facilitates a large increase in work product or event to use which can attract people’s attention quickly

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  4. Edwina 說道:

    Hi there,

    As what you have mentioned, Wiki comes especially when it comes to organizing information. Without wiki existence, there would be tendency whereby information provided is not up-to-date. Therefore, by implementing wiki would definitely help to improve in productivity.

    I have a question: Have you ever considered that employees would accept the use of wiki? and how would you promote the usage of it?

    Edwina Tan

    • chunweiin346 說道:

      Good consideration Edwina Tan!
      I think Wiki belongs social software which can help your staff get to know each other.
      and they help connect people across an organisation. So wiki be used as a project management tool post meeting times and for individuals to post working on.

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