Personal 2.0 Strategies – Enterprise 2.0

Personal 2.0 Strategies – Enterprise 2.0

There are 3 elements can quickly describe the Enterprise 2.0 in Web 2.0 ; Social networking, digital identity, and web tools. According to Tim O’ Reilly who emphasizes in next generation of the whole web must be a concept which is internet users sharing or to produce something. (O’Reilly, 2005). In addition, before discuss the Enterprise 2.0 the basic Personal 2.0 Strategies should be talked. In the past the web1.0 only emphasized the single user’s usage amount or experience of the internet such as E-mail, online shopping, downloading and browsing web pages. From the web 2.0 point of view in 1.0 environment it is lack of interaction and sharing of motivation. Therefore, web 1.0 does not have any value of strategies for business or enterprises.

Blogging is changing the world and the internet

The web 2.0 new generation of blogging is changing whole web environment. The below simple chart is an easy comparison list of personal strategy between 1.0 and 2.0

Consequently, from a new concept of web 2.0 it can describe on the network the blogging which involves the individuals contribute to the development and distribution of content, tools, and software applications over the web.

Web 2.0 contains five important techs there are Ajax(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)、RoR(Ruby on Rails)、RSS( Really Simple Syndication ) and( Application Programming Interface ). First, The Ajax technology provides users participate in a interaction of the web pages, secondly, RoR technology can quickly generate a We blog app or tools such as famous Twitter and Foursquare. Thirdly, RSS provides a convenient channel for blogging rapidly let blogger to effectively update the information. API brings numerous value of brand for the web tools such mapping integrated application. Hence, under these crucial tools the web 2.0 can give personal users have more business strategies even for enterprises. For example, personal blogger could utilize private blogging or a web page sharing commercial advertisement or creating an instant e-business models platform to blogging.

Searching engine and Mobile marketing

In web 2.0 of blogging mode how quickly expose blogging data or information to effectively help blogs grow up the searching with linking technology plays a crucial role. However, personal or enterprises want to succeed utilizing blogging marketing. It must develop a e-brand with customers “It can help build long-lasting relationships with customers that foster trust”(Beres, 2007). Normally, it is because blogging mode on the web2.0 creates fast and free platforms for personal strategies. Therefore, to apply personal 2.0 Strategies of blogging and social networking of concept it is can assist enterprises to build up new commercial modes. For instance, through develop mobile marketing techniques to develop personal, targeted and traceable marketing campaigns integrated to blogging. With developing mobile apps then integrated to blogging the methods will have lower cost and high profits for enterprises. It also could rapidly cluster customer’s attention to brands or products because mobile devices have advantages are mobility, fast and range of huge users. Consequently, effectively integrate mobile marketing into the marketing mixes to improve brand awareness, build customer loyalty and generate sales.

Social Media & Community Marketing

The social media integrated community mode on the web2.0 has already developed new interface for personal and enterprise strategies. “As always, the evolution of technology transforms the way we live our lives, and in turn it has had an impact on how we communicate “(McCulloch, 2010). As a famous Facebook or Google+ which have become many corporations to invest more resources or budget into the social networking and community. “Technologies report that their company has already invested at least in one of the various Web 2.0 technologies.”(Bughin, 2008). In this new type channel brings internet users more high interaction with discussion spaces. And social networking can be a formal platform for commercial use of business.

In conclusion, web 2.0 is a configuration of high interaction for internet users it allows users to participate in the content of the web pages, tools and applications of usage with development and management. More precisely, for more new value of users web2.0 from Personal 2.0 strategies will being changed more advanced version which is Enterprise 2.0


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Lightweight Models & Cost-Effective Scalability

Lightweight Models & Cost-Effective Scalability (LMCES)

As O’Reilly assumes the seven of web 2.0 corporation the core ability “changing the economics of online software development fundamentally, providing new players powerful new weapons against established players and even entire industries”. (Oreilly, 2007).

Online software development is changing dramatically, which means providing the brand new interface and fast upgraded strategy for customers and whole enterprise. The rise of enterprise 2.0 refers the theroy because Designer using an intuitive user interface thus enabling businesses faster time to market with their marketing concepts (Mags, 2012).

How to Scale Cost-Effectively for business and enterprices

There are five crucial term for LMCFS

* Reduce huge development teams requirement

* Quickly running parallel programming and computing within in few weeks

* Aims innovation, do not stand in traditional

* More sooner ROI with reduced cost and time investment

The first is OAP(Simple Object Access)Protocol,users between XML and HTT Pprotocol The 2ndis REST(REST,representational state transfer), in this stage users between retail sellers and SOAP stack usage. Accroding to Amazon REST report 95% users come from the light REST service。(Amazon, 2006).

The new method for revenue for LECES

•           Broaden customers:linker information to customers and ads manufacturers

•           Actively touch the internet users who search the products

•           Easy to control budget Only pay ads fees when the users click advertisement

The examples of LMCES is in the USA. is located in the USA online company and it offers numerous 3C electrical products for consumers, Newegg has utilized zero stock selling strategy and sometime allows consumers coupon to purchase products. adopted SBN (Shipped-By-Newegg) strategy with products manufacturers reduce cost of stock. in addition, also use free Shipping Enabler to attract comsumers. With if comsumers return merchandise authorization. Newegg usually declares and sells these refurbished item. Therfore, products manufacturers could reduce the cost of expenditure. Additionally, newegg also designs an interactive web page for customers personalized shopping as well as emphasizing in some specific states the shipping can deliver on time or emergency deliver. In addation, newegg alos provides an app for users utilize in mobile phone, newegg has linked hot selling products promotion integrated various website, this means when users click hot products the web pages searching results will be automatically redirect to newegg website and telling users the hot products detialed information

To conclude, LMCES has affected the web and enterprises whole organisation and it also introduces the cloud computing services for all internet users that is a really huge commercial opportunity hence LMCES reveals cloud computing is gaining in popularity and design interactive webpages for users. However, enterprises launch more lightweight and Cost-Effective website plus mobile app could reduce the operating risk of web application


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Leveraging the Long Tail

Leveraging the Long Tail means to describe these successful websites such as Netflix、eBay、iTunes、Rhapsody. It has been mentioned by Chris Anderson chief editor since 2004 in magazine. The principle indicates if enterprises can follow the three rules to sell products that mean all products almost earn money and bring much invisible benefits for companies on web. What are the three principles? According to Chris Anderson (October 02, 2009) The 1st is lower cost and the 2nd is lower stocks and lower searching of cost. Therefore, in next part will describe more details about the three principles of Leveraging the Long Tail.

As the figure shows if put same categories products together from the high point to the low point is crosswise axle and vertical axle means products sales volume. The phenomenon shows in the past enterprises only believed 20% of products make money so enterprises usually focus on the 20% products and leave 80% products also think low profits of products could not earn acquire profits. However, as the introduction has mentioned if enterprises can apply The Long Tail and follow the three rules on the web that can make all products to make money.

The 1st rule is low cost which means any information on the web can be seen as a product, enterprises can utilize the strategy to development more sale channel for products. For example, blogging is a good platform for ads with selling because small companies do not have to invest huge budget for ads on own website for selling products. These companies just to use the exist platforms to expose all products

The 2nd principle is to use E-Commerce mode to manage all products and create more virtual products for customers. For instance, Apple iTunes is a zero inventory store on the web. It provides digital songs, movies and games and these products always attract many users every day. Briefly, digital stores the inventories are disks capacity and the internet bandwidth thus E-Commerce mode often does not have inventories stress. All products almost can successfully sell. And Apple has used a good price for the majority users that is 0.99$USD for an app.

The 3rd principle is fractal for lower search, Google is a good successful example of search model but, on the web many similar websites are doing same function for sharing and reducing lower search cost such as dig、tag、catalog. In addition, successfully use key words can bring huge flow rate customers as well as volume of trade with profits.

To conclude, Leveraging the Long Tail for the web provides an excellent platform as well push telecoms manufacturer the revolution of services such as VoIP、 perhaps next generation will become very popular in the near future. However, Long Tail for blogging and blogger are a good commercial development to support them.


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Perpetual beta

Perpetual beta (PB) is a connecting device and programs connected to major internet applications.  It is used to integrate and provide a better rich user experience major developers, who focus on delivering better service and make up better service development based on delivering complex issues.

When considering Google docs application for perpetual data monitoring, this would address better working model. There has been major changes within the application of Google docs, Gmail etc and made up pioneers in developing better success. There has been major criticism which has been considered, which made 45% of projects to start up perpetual beta pool. There has been huge support for better PB addiction and would agree for making things working on better prospects.

According to 2005, O’Reilly has supported Google and its PB addiction.  PB has been around for a number of years and seen great success, even though there is no guarantee of success in each release. Overall PB is a winning design model, proving itself over a number of years for a lot of big names (Google, Facebook and XBOX Live , Dropbox etc).

Dropbox can be defined as a clouding storage although a  is the pathway to the user’s experience. Also, the content the users are able to find a free storage by upload services on the service. Dropbox can in fact be likened to pc host way wherein not just web interface at the ends but also the network in between them are involved. Similarly, in drobox, the storage space between the browser and client app and destination content server acts as bridge between the user and his online experience.

Issues & debates of (PB):
•    Beware of excess: It is important that users are not confused or exhausted by excessive features.
•    Beware of release thrashing:  Too many release cycles would make the product counterproductive unless it is supported by efficient processes.
•    Uptime is not cheap or easy: Keeping a service up and running requires lot of cost and effort. Examples of the issues that can be faced in this area are the problems faced by Any failure in delivering high quality service would hurt the customer relations. Keeping in mind the criticality of each application both an air traffic control system and an in-house collaboration tool need to be available.
•    Privacy issue : High precision privacy and security guidelines need to be followed when user behavior is profiled or during instrumentation of applications.
•    First impressions: Trying to make a good first impression always clashes with the urge to release a product soon. So a lot of importance needs to be given towards prioritizing features – having a clear understanding of what is more important and also making sure that release product is efficient and reliable.

For example, Microsoft XBOX Live and SONY PSN Network all have been attacked by the internet hackers. Therefore, tthe examples for Privacy for (PB) and keep updating security services is so important. However, PB will not exists because the key is a way to acquire more ads for internet service manufacturers.

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Software Above the Level of a Single Device

A personal computer (PC) is a web client

Software Above the Level of a Single Device is a new solution for PC is no longer the only access device for internet applications.Web 2.0 applications are not limited to the PC platform only It is refer to all digital devices in the world. such as Mobile devices, robots
However, the PC form factor will push forward; the Pocket PC, the Tablet PC,
and other forms will emerge (David Stutz 2003)

Microsoft’s leading (Dave Stutz)indicates:
「Software Above the Level of a Single Device,in the future has more income and revenue。」Basically, any internet apps can be seen Software Above the Level of a Single Device – So far iTunes store is an exellent example. The Platform covers client services and servers services. In addition, iTunes provides huge apps for many digital devices.“iTunes is the best exemplar of this principle. Accroding to Tim O’Reilly 2007 “As the iPod/iTunes combination has morphed into the iPhone/iTunes combination, we can begin to see the real power of this approach This application seamlessly reaches from the handheld device to a massive web back-end, with the PC acting as a local cache and control station. Jon (2007)

Mobile web 2.0 is developing

Mobile web 2.0 applies Software above the level of a single device
that can really change people daily lives and integrate more convenient services.
MALL uses handy devices and they should be available “anywhere, anytime (Geddes, 2004) Mobile2.0 means next generation of internet services through social networking of wikipedia. These services are focus on corporation and sharing. In briefly, web2.0@mobile is to use mobile internet and apps to access browsing.

Mobile web 2.0 has several benefits

1. mobile access in everywhere
2. easy control and use
3. wide users no limited single platform

In summary, Software above the level of a single device can bring defferent innovation of the internet and pc, mobile devices. The most important point is huge income and ads for companies because target audiences are not only PC users.


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Rich user experiences (RUEs) @ Web 2.0

Rich user experiences (RUEs) @ Web 2.0

AJAX: A rich user experience. Basically, Rich user experiences (RUEs) refers to AJAX tech and cloud computing tech but behind the biggest pusher are Microsoft and Adobe.

Briefly, Web 2.0 can succeed the reason is RIA(Rich Internet Applications)such as Ajax、Flex、OpenLaszlo or Java. However, “AJAX is not a new technology but a combination of several existing technologies in a new way" (Sagar G, Arlekar, 2006)

Rich Internet Applications of influences

RIA creates web programming for users that means many users do not have to own high level platforms or high end computers. Therefore, some believe desktop will not exist in the near future. In addition, The current crop of RIA technologies are really evolutionary steps because Ajax is a fast development of tech. Web applications  traditional Web and desktop applications—with no browser plug-ins or proprietary browser features required.Two of the technologies responsible for creating these rich internet applications are Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, known collectively as Ajax.

To conclude, Rues and RIA are the most important catalyst on web 2.0 development.   Web 2.0 relies on visual control. Thus, Ajax enables users benefit from next-generation applications that have the feel of desktop applications and provide new capabilities. And IT preserves existing benefits from Web-based application deployment and continuity. Rich user experiences while preserving existing back-end infrastructure


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Web 2.0 Innovation is assembly

Web 2.0 Innovation is assembly

These examples provide an insight into another key web 2.0 principle, which we call “innovation in assembly." When commodity components are abundant, you can create value simply by assembling them in novel or effective ways. Much as the PC revolution provided many opportunities for innovation in assembly of commodity hardware, with companies like Dell making a science out of such assembly, thereby defeating companies whose business model required innovation in product development. According to O’reiliy. (2011, March 27) we believe that Web 2.0 will provide opportunities for companies to beat the competition by getting better at harnessing and integrating services provided by others.

Network effects created by an architecture of participation

web 2.o via API of concept that can let users writing or saying in anytime and anywhere. Another perfect model of API is Google Custom Search. In addition,users can decide for themselves which of the different APIs they want to follow, such as Photobucket , Facebook and so on. These websites and services based on HTML5 tech and an interaction interface that create more opportunities for users to participate in web 2.0 environment.

Briefly, Innovation is assembly of web2.0 has 5 key features

Search: allow users to search for other users or content
Links: group similar users or content together
Authoring: include blogs and wikis
Tags: allow users to tag content
Extensions: recommendations of users or content based on profile
Signals: allow people to subscribe to users or content with RSS feeds



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