Social network gains momentum at business

According to Gartner reports “Global social media revenue is forecast to reach $16.9 billion in 2012”(Gartner, 2012) It is apparently social media has become a huge momentum that help enterprises acquire numerous benefits. Many Social media sites are becoming more innovative in as ads products to attract people. Therefore, the crucial point is to being successful with social media is the ability to create a viral campaign that capitalizes on the social motivators that get users to share in the first place. Social networking is an exciting new world for learning professionals. It offers an opportunity to improve organizational learning and deliver high-impact learning solutions in today’s challenging budget environments.

Enterprises utilize the social media marketing to gaining momentum

Momentum for Social Collaboration in the Enterprise has become a new trend. This is a social collaboration in the Enterprises. Many businesses are struggling to integrate all of their social media capabilities because Enterprise social networking represents a fundamental shift in the way forward-thinking companies do business. In addition, by breakthrough effectively social networking can improve the barriers to communication and collaboration in the workplace. More specifically, implement social networking at enterprises could enhance whole organization performance. However, in current situation on the web that social networking marketing is an important tool to boost enterprises gain branding value.

Start using Social Networking Services(SNS).

Therefore, focus our group case study which is organization the organization does not use much social networking in this branding. Hence we are helping and analyze the company to establish a completed solution for SNS. A social network service or social networking service( SNS), is a medium for establishing social networks of people who share interests and activities. We believe that modern internet-connected always-online phones stake a lot on SNS connectivity and integration with the various services getting more popular than ever. In addition, Social networking platforms allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks. Most social network services are web based and provide means for users to interact in various ways, such as e-mail and instant messaging. Similarly, to achieve better internal working environment, ProMos wants to get internal improvement at social networks in an organization. It must Increase access to the platform. Offer employees an always-on forum to share information. This allows employees to contribute and interact when it makes sense for their own projects and needs, making it more work-embedded and adequately encourage staff or managers creat personal social networks link to jobs filed such as google+ ,Facebook fans page or LinkedIn and micro blogging help branding get maximum value and attract more people’s attention on this organization development. Finally, this organization could transfer enterprise 2.0 type gradually.


Gartner Says Worldwide Social Media Revenue Forecast to Reach $16.9 Billion in 2012

Microsoft Momentum Magazine

Six ideas to build social media momentum

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Wikipedia for organization management – enterprise 2.0

As many people know that WiKi is a platform with encyclopedia function on the web.

This site has influenced many organizations for many years. For example, a company creates a page to introduce their organization with company history which allows more users quickly understand the company background. Therefore, Wikipedia is not only encyclopedia because the site also including cross culture communication.

WiKi provides some features for organization management

There are

Events or news recording

External files sharing

Collaborative Editing

Integrated search engine

An example of Wiki for new idea announcement- Apple iOS 6 PASSBOOK

Wiki allows user or an organization to create a page to introduce the new ideas then to attract more followers to do collective editing

“Passbook is an application in iOS that allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, and other forms of mobile payment” (WiKi). Perhaps many people would not know what does passbook mean but when users start searching the technology. They firstly will use web search engine to key in this technology keyword then the information page will attract more users come to follow updating. Therefore, Wiki is a good way to improve a new business ideas or new technology that push people quickly to understand and increase one’s exposure.

Our group will use Wiki Strategies to improve the company – promos.

ProMOS Technologies Inc. is a semiconductor memory solution provider in Taiwan. The Company is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and sale of synchronous dynamic random access memories (SDRAMs), as well as the related import and export businesses. But, in now situation this company does not use Wiki to enhance their produce exposure. Hence our group will use wiki in next stage will start working standardized more principles for this to introduce their background and products with organization management.

The wiki solution for this organization is raise productivity

We will divide two parts for the organization to improve productivity

#List of all equipment configuration and working environment
#Organize the internal e-contacts for staff communicate
#Create social media system for internal communicate on the wiki and Web collaboration

Passbook (application) Wiki
“Getting started with Passbook on iOS 6″
ProMOS Technologies Website
Wiki : Web Collaboration Retrieved from form QUT database


Our group members strategies for Wiki (case study):

1. Collaboration and Enhancing Organizational Knowledge (Andy)

2. Generation, design and control new projects in the company (Danny)

3. Internal and external wiki communication in corporation (Rick)

4. Organization Integration Plan (Denni)

5. Raise productivity (My blog)


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Utilize microblogging enhance strategy for business marketing

“Micro blogging is a broadcast medium in the form of blogging” (Wikipedia). The new style has influenced weblog which is blog the weblog idea comes from a person who is Jorn Barger. This means web logs including servers, user’s ip address and system information. Therefore, how normal blogging is different than micro-blog. “Micro-blogging is sometimes criticized for encouraging dull or meaningless posts, conveying the minutia of daily life. However, it is apparently Twitter, Facebook, and other microblogging these kind of services are also becoming a platform for marketing and public relations with micro blogging.

As this list shown that micro blogging has small and easier way to attract followers.

Example of micro blogging strategy – Dell Computer coupon codes

For business production and development micro blogging is a really good way to enhance business. For example, Dell Computer Company this origination has been successfully used micro blogging to promote their products. Dell utilizes micro blogging to tell consumers products discount message hence many people could receive coupon codes message and then through each individual users sharing the coupon information to absorb more consumers to follow this message which indirectly helps Dell received more purchase order. As a result, Dell which has already run successful campaigns on Twitter in has received “hundreds of thousands” of visits and responses from micro blogs.


Dell Coupons and Coupon Codes

Dell Coupons and Dell Coupon Code

Dell’s Sina Microblog Presence in China

Enterprise Microblogging Whitepaper

Jorn Barger Weblog resources

Microblogging wikipedia


Our groups  Micro-blogging strategies for case study:

#1 Cross promote to social media sites (Andy)

#2 Internal & external communication with micro-blogging (Rick)

#3  Micro-blogging marketing with 5W1H (Denni)

#4 Reputation management and recovery in times of crisis (Danny)

#5 Utilize micro-blogging enhance strategy for business marketing of advertisement (My blog)

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Social Media ROI (Return on Investment) – Enterprise 2.0

“Social media is defined by Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein as “a group of Internet-based applications” (Crandell, 2012).

This week topic is linked to ROI with social media or social web their relationships. In mainstream e-business on the web that enterprises have invested resources and budget in to social networking is a trend but for companies using social media to achieve real, tangible, measurable results, the real question is, “How does this grow my commercial profits?” Actually, there is no right answer for ROI on social media because ROI involves many terms and potential customers. Therefore, enterprises have the tools in place to assign an actual financial value to social endeavors. However, this week I will describe is Social Media ROI a Reality and how enterprises evaluate and maximize ROI in social media.

The table of list is what kind benefits would have ROI social media

(Gibson, 2007-2009) Social ROI copyright. Measuring Social Media ROI Is Possible.

This is formula of Social Media ROI

It is apparently, ROI social media would bring various benefits but there is one more thing is even low barrier to entry to have a blog and allows really anyone to create strong online brands. Therefore, how to increase the ROI of social media marketing is an issue.

There are some principles of increasing social media optimization.

Ignite Social Media: To enhance ROI

To measure ROI social media should be integrated Right -Time Marketing

“Right-time marketing is an approach to marketing which selects an appropriate time and place for the delivery of a marketing message” (Goldstein & Lee, 2005). Thus, understand the customer that is customer segmentation is important.

Principle No. 1: The Right Time doesn’t mean Right Now

Under the principle to find out an appropriate channel or platform to deliver the information for customers is right time. For example, prime time of international games or utilize news event.

Principle No. 2: What kind of tools or platforms is a good way to inform?

There are more and more people are not only use computers to receive information or use social medial which means mobile devices have more high usage in real life. However, raise investments in mobility social networking is necessary such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram—to attract and retain customers.

In addition, Social media is a catch-all term for web sites which provide radically different social activities. For example, Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or “updates” with others. Facebook, in contrast is a full-blown social networking allows for sharing, photos, joining events and a variety of other activities. Furthermore, evaluate Multimedia platforms has significant meaning. Suchas YouTube, BlogTalkRadio because these kind media contents usually have interaction with use (video, photos, audio). To conclude, leverage combination of social media tools is the most important things of ROI.

A successful Social Media ROI example – Cisco uses Social media to saved $100,000

This example is a really typical model of social media ROI

Cisco social media configurations:

2:Blog:Each quarter has 475000 data flow

3:Twitter:More than two million followers

4:Facebook:79 groups and ten thousand fans

5:YouTube:300+ channels,2000+ Video collection

6:Second Life(Virtual Games.):150000 followers,50+activities

8:Flickr:300+ million photos,four thousand fans

Four years ago Cisco Company has already involved social media people can found that facebook/twitter/youtube has Cisco Company tracked but in that stage Cisco had difficulty to find out clear evidence to show up the ROI result but after that Cisco has succeed integrating Social Media Widget with router through demonstration activities.


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Social Media Policy for business – Enterprise 2.0

According to 2011 Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report (MarketingSherpa, 2010). The survey reveals Social Media Policy is a controversial issue in enterprises. As a result there is 3,300 employees have been observed and 20% believe that Social Media Policy is unnecessary but near 80% participants of enterprise already start to setup Social Media Policy meanwhile, in some companies seems the Social Media Policy as a security contract.

Companies are using social media tools to establish value in terms of marketing and branding. However, there are some blurred boundaries of Social Media Policy when staffs work with.

#1 Business Secret issue.

For example, in a company if a employees break their own NDA(Non-disclosure agreement) in social media or social network then reveals important information on the internet. Therefore, disclosure of company confidential material is dangerous, such as blogs and online forums, as this can be an ideal way to demonstrate their expertise and promote the company to a wide audience. But this can give rise to the risk of confidential information being disclosed, either deliberately or inadvertently.

#2 Loss of, or damage to, reputation of business for company.

For instance, there are some comments in the press of instances where disgruntled employees have criticized their company in online forums or chatting rooms, raising the possibility of damage to the enterprise brand and reputation. Employers are in a much stronger position to take action against staff for such offenses if they can show they have a policy that states that such actions are unacceptable, and that the employee was fully aware of the existence of the policy. “Your employees are talking about you whether you like it or not.  We’ve all heard stories of employees posting inappropriate content on Facebook and Twitter then getting kicked to the curb.” (hirerabbit, 2012)

However, current organizations will recognize that risks do exist, and take steps to manage for social media policy. One of these steps is the introduction of a social media policy, which will control how social media sites and tools are used, and then give companies a level of protection in the event that such use is abused for their employees

The example of Social Media Policy – Intel Company

Intel Company with headquarters in Santa Clara California United States, designs and manufactures computing and communications components, such as microprocessors, chipsets, motherboards, and wireless and wired connectivity products, as well as platforms that incorporate these components (Intel annual report 2011.) As a huge international company hence, Intel has updated and builds related Social Media Policy for their employees.

According to Intel Social Media Guidelines there are two points

1. Disclosure

Honesty—or dishonesty—will be quickly noticed in the social media environment. Please represent Intel ethically and with integrity.

  • Be transparent: Use your real name, identify that you work for Intel, and be clear about your role.
  • Be truthful: If you have a vested interest in something you are discussing, be the first to point it out and be specific about what it is.
  • Be yourself: Stick to your area of expertise; write what you know. If you publish to a website outside Intel, please use a disclaimer something like this: “The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent Intel’s positions, strategies, or opinions.”

2. Protection

Make sure all that transparency doesn’t violate Intel’s confidentiality or legal guidelines for commercial speech—or your own privacy. Remember, if you’re online, you’re on the record—everything on the Internet is public and search able. And what you write is ultimately your responsibility.

To avoid the negative using social media for employees Intel has established a division to undertake the environment which is Data Center Group and combined the McAfee system to surveillance and for business Intel has Search PCN Database which can protect important only allow use in internal. For products selling Intel provides a non-disclosure agreement for retailers and marking division must control this rules seriously. Consequence, various organizations with any kind of formal structure have a policy in place for working for social media.



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Implementation Enterprise 2.0 and risk – Enterprise 2.0

Implementation Enterprise 2.0 and risk

To achieving the enterprise 2.0 there are various features must be done. For example, training employees to start use social networking system and adequately use blog to connect with other divisions talking or exchange messages and business information. As a result, therefore, the Importance of social business value which is a crucial for implementation enterprise 2.0. When enterprises often use blog tool or wiki and twitter to communication which “reduced costs of communication, travel and operations”. (Gandhi, 2010).

An easy table content of enterprise 2.0 benefits for employees

Despite the several enthusiasms around enterprise 2.0 but there are some risks of enterprise 2.0 need to be concerned. First of all, information is more difficult to monitor and secure (Cunningham, 2007). This reveals actually on the web environment the biggest issue is security. Therefore, how effectively establish stable systems which ensure employees and outside users their info and data is safe while transferring on the web environment. Secondly, enterprises utilize social media to improve business has become a new trend. Yet, through social media or networking to release stealth marketing which perhaps to cause customers feel repelled. For example, a famous blogger use twitter tool then they have many followers but, the blogger ‘s real identity are companies of business representative, hence in some situation the method of stealth marketing on social network would be conscious. Thirdly, unexpected outcomes associated with adopting new technology may not occur such as new application or social media tools for web users because these tools may lack of high usage and exposure with people. “Not everyone is an expert” (Koponen, 2008). The point is that enterprises must actively concern the issue and clearly to know who are audiences on the social networking.


The successful enterprise 2.0 –



Red Bull is an energy drink sold manufacturer which with headquarters in Austrian and it has created in 1987. Red Bull is different than ordinary energy drink sold manufacturer because in web2.0 stage since 21th century the company has been used different channel and platform to sell products and apply web 2.0 concept the company has established a Facebook account – Success in gaining acceptance in the targeted demographic ( over 1.1million fans).


Since 2008 Red Bull has been exposed and integrated their products at Playstation®Home platform and the manager John Beasley, brand marketing manager for Red Bull UK said Home represents an opportunity for brands to create “memorable and rich content”. The game gave us the first opportunity to recreate in the gaming world what we try to do in the real world, which is to facilitate interaction, to give people stories, memories, experiences and a really good opportunity to interact with the brand,” he said. Actually, not only in virtual environment or web can see the Red Bull brand. In the real world since 2004 the brand has supported Formula 1 team which is Red Bull Racing :: Red Bull. However, Red Bull is successful enterprise 2.0 model the brand succeed to integrated the company history with background on the Wikipedia and provides information and event that can be easily searched on the Google. Red Bull has Facebook official page which provides a channel for consumers to follow the products message and more news and event. In addition, consumer can use twitter tool to make comments for Red



To conclude, Red Bull is successful company which efficiently develops enterprise 2.0 as “the roll-out of Facebook Timeline for brands launched an incredibly compelling scavenger hunt that spans the history of the company and integrates brand milestones in a seamless manner with the hunt.” (Edwards, 2012).


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Enterprise 2.0 new strategies – Enterprise 2.0

  • Web2.0 boosts enterprise reviving

Last week the web 2.0 of personal strategies has been introduced some ideas of personal strategy in here and this week we are going to discuss the impact of web 2.0 which is enterprise strategies on organizational strategies. As a result people and many companies have realized the web 2.0 concept has gradually change whole enterprise environment since 2004. There are some examples could describe this phenomenon. According to Tim O’Reilly who has introduces the web 2.0 to revolutionize web development and these applications which enhanced the performance of enterprises management.

For example, in the early stage there are some companies have used blogging to share commercial information for customers or exchanging the data between business such as WiKi and SNS (Social Networking Services). After that a significant theory of the web which was 「WHAT IS WEB 2.0」has been announced by Tim O’Reilly. The theory indicates user’s participation and combines personal intelligence. Therefore, a professor Andrew McAfee who has revealed「Enterprise 2.0」in Sloan Management Review in 2006.He claims web 2.0 of spirit would assist enterprises effectively develop and management.

Enterprise 2.0 principles

『 network 、 data 、 software 』are three basic components of enterprises 2.0. These principles help enterprise to concern backup, sharing and classify. However, apply this three rules can make an independent enterprise into a platform work in coordination. “SLATES" concept has been distributed in channel and platform (McAfee, 2006).

  • Enterprise 2.0 upgrade and solutions – example

“Apple Computer, Inc is a successful model of Enterprise 2.0 updating".

How apple upgrade enterprise 2.0? The answer is cloud computing environment. Actually, the cloud computing is not new technical idea. In 30 years ago IBM company has been presented this idea but IBM did not really execute the roadmap of cloud computing. For example, 10 years ago the Apple Corporation had crisis in products and a service which is almost confronts bankruptcy. After that a CEO of the time Steve Jobs who had brought iOs series devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad… etc. Yet, the most powerful point make these products gaining in popularity and be more popular the crucial role is cloud computing which is Apple Store integrated apps and services with app produce of average price is 0.99 dollar because these products has a background is virtual channel to help apps supplier easily sell online music, movies e-books and more mobile applications which makes Apple has very high profits. Therefore, when cloud computing matches SLATES the six components would effectively help a company or enterprises to change new mode.

  • Web 2.0 tools assist productivity become more fast

“The internet maturity and development over the last decade” (Moria, 2009). This describes in these ten years technical application development of web 2.0 in this period of time many entrance websites or ordinary enterprise have used some “Web 2.0” of the conceptive service content, however along with network new technology and innovation service emergence, these traditional entrance website entrepreneur must keep changing services or product types. Therefore, it is really often see web 2.0 tools are always have new selections but we only keep focusing or concern the three main types which are Blogging , online encyclopedia and RSS function. Web2.0 tools help end-users create their own creative work then upload to private blog or pages.

For example, Valve Software Company creates a virtual digital games distribution platform which is Steam and this platform provides blogging function and RSS channel for personal user in client and it is also allow user instantly make comments for products in each page hence the web2.0 tools make a virtual platform has high interaction with end-user. However, while users installing client software they do not need to check new information or news every second or every day because the RSS utility would be automatically update then deliver notification to tell users all new contents. As a result, if these entrance websites or traditional commercial enterprise could be effectively utilize blogging, interactive AJAX pages and providing RSS services for customers would reduce costs and fast accumulate reputation on the internet.


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